Queensland Nameplates Group Upgrades with Alfex Australia’s Kern FiberCell Laser

Looking to elevate its production capabilities, Queensland Nameplates Group completed a significant upgrade, shifting from a 1000-watt CO2 laser to the cutting-edge 2000-watt Kern FiberCell Laser.

In a significant stride towards enhancing their capabilities and precision, Queensland Nameplates Group has recently completed a major upgrade, transitioning from a 1000-watt CO2 laser to a cutting-edge 2000-watt Kern FiberCell Laser. This technological leap was made possible through a strategic negotiation with Alfex Australia, a leading supplier of industrial laser solutions.

Queensland Nameplate Group specialise in manufacturing aluminium, stainless steel and brass nameplates, face plates, epoxy nameplates, ceremonial & memorial plaques. The decision to upgrade the laser system was driven by the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in the signage and nameplate industry. Recognising the increasing demand for higher precision and efficiency, the company sought a solution that could elevate their production capabilities.

Alfex Australia emerged as the ideal partner, offering the advanced Kern FiberCell Laser – a state-of-the-art fiber laser renowned for its speed, accuracy, and versatility. This cutting-edge system employs fiber laser technology, providing Queensland Nameplates Group with a more powerful and efficient tool for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials.

The Kern FiberCell Laser boasts a 2000-watt laser source, doubling the power compared to the previous CO2 system. This enhancement translates into faster cutting speeds and improved efficiency in handling various materials, and more. The fiber laser’s exceptional beam quality ensures unparalleled precision, allowing Queensland Nameplates Group to achieve intricate details and produce high-quality, fine-tuned products for their clients.

Beyond the installation phase, Alfex Australia extended to comprehensive training and support for Queensland Nameplates Group’s team, addressing the major factor that prompted their upgrade: the lack of support from their previous supplier. This holistic approach not only ensures a seamless transition but also empowers the company to unleash the full potential of their new laser system, leveraging Alfex’s commitment to providing high-level support.



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