Melbourne’s Newest Additive Manufacturing Centre

Alfex is proud to introduce Melbourne’s newest Advanced, Industrial 3D Print Partner – IPE Innovative Precision Engineering.

Unleashing the Future of Manufacturing in Victoria

At the heart of this initiative, lies the introduction of our cutting-edge Markforged Industrial Printers, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique demands of the Victorian manufacturing sector. This bold initiative paves the way for manufacturers to harness the power of digital fabrication, producing robust and highly functional components that propel local manufacturing forward and expedite project turnaround times.

A Legacy of Innovation
Driven by a heritage in accurate high-quality tooling, IPE expanded into equipment development, leveraging years of experience in maintenance support and servicing activities. This expertise served as the cornerstone for designing at a higher level than our competitors, empowering us to lead the way in the industry.

Serving Diverse Industries, Both Locally and Internationally
Recognising the versatility of IPE’s services, IPE has branched into various sectors including food, mining, defense, transport, and construction, while steadfastly supporting the automotive industry. Today, IPE serves not only the local market but also extends its reach to a global audience.

Empowering Your Projects with Reliable Solutions
IPE’s journey in equipment development has paved the way for process designing, encompassing production and material handling, culminating in small-scale manufacturing capabilities. This ensures that our clients can confidently place orders for quantity builds, knowing that our processes are meticulously designed to maintain quality and adhere to deadlines.


IPE Innovative Precision Engineering

Unit 21/23 McKellar Wy, Epping VIC 3076