Markforged FX10

FX10™ is Markforged’s next generation industrial composite 3D printer — the result of years of engineering innovation. Its sole purpose is to deliver strong, accurate parts every print.

Alfex Markforged FX10
Markforged Work Area

Build Volume

Width: 375mm
D: 300mm
H: 300mm


125µm to 250µm

Printing Process

Fused Filament Fabrication, Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Alfex Markforged Temperature

Temp Control

Heated - to 60C

Print System

Two nozzles Automatic Feed

Vision Module and Laser Micrometer

FX10 features two print head mounted optical sensors. The laser micrometer powers Inspection — in-print dimensional validation — and machine calibration while the new Vision Module will capture detailed images of calibration parts to determine and optimise printer performance.

Advanced Material Chamber

An inboard material chamber stores four spools in individually sealed compartments and supports auto material changeover and fast spool loading, reducing user intervention.

Large Touchscreen

FX10 features a 7” touchscreen. Users can start builds, monitor machine status, manually control the machine, and start automated calibration routines all in one place.

Heated Build Chamber andVacuum Bed

The FX10 has a large chamber that heats to 60 °C, useful for printing high-quality parts at high speed. The aluminum vacuum bed is also heated and utilizes precision-machine grooves that are scanned by the laser micrometer for calibration

Markforged FX10

Compatible Materials


Carbon Fiber

Printing Process

Fused Filament Fabrication, Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Z Layer Resolution

125µm to 250µm

Printing Media

Polymer Filament, Continuous Fibers

Internal Part geometry

Closed Cell Infill with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Print Bed

Precision Machined Aluminum


Produce strong parts on-demand and at the point of need with our cloud-connected and secure additive manufacturing platform.The multifunctional software solution for creating and managing parts through the additive manufacturing workflow.

Prep. Print. Manage. Scale.

Print strong parts.

Precision design and construction yield predictable, repeatable results.


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